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Data Protection Regulation GDPR

On May 25, 2018, the new data regulation, also known as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), will be introduced. GDPR will strengthen individuals’ rights as to how companies, authorities and organizations may collect and use their personal data. GDPR means that the same rules for managing personal data will apply throughout the EU. This is to promote free competition and make it easier for companies to expand and operate in several EU countries. The Data Protection Ordinance places more stringent requirements on how companies may collect and use personal data.

At Transkriber, we have already worked strategically regarding the handling of data. We collect the information we need to work efficiently with both our customers and our employees. We never collect more information than we consider necessary for this purpose.

Information about our customers

From our customers, we collect the information we need to invoice the finished work. We also collect basic contact information and the required username for access to our customer intranet. With the customer’s permission, customer reviews are also stored about what they think of our service. These are published on our website transkriber.no.

All these data are saved until the customer wants it to be erased. This is best done by contacting us at hello@transkriber.no.

The following information is collected and stored when creating an account:

invoice Address
User name

Information about our employees

From our employees, we collect the personal information we need to comply with current legal requirements regarding, for example, reporting of taxes and social security contributions.

We also collect basic contact information and information about the desired working hours and total hours worked in order to pay the right salary.
This information is saved as long as the employee is employed.

ID number
Bank account
Tax table
Time recording
Desired work time


Where our information is stored and kept safe

Customer and employee information is stored in our security-class intranet operated by ProWorkFlow, based in New Zealand. The information is stored at US servers in the United States by Rackspace, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based services. Learn more about Rackspace Security Work here .

The information associated with customer e-mail is stored at the company Mailchimp with servers in the United States. Learn more about Mailchimp’s security work here .