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What does a transcribed interview look like?

We transcribe in own custom designed text template. Go to How we work to see examples of how a transcribed text can look like when it’s ready. Do you specific needs when it comes to the execution and look of the transcription? Just contact us, and we’ll create a tailor made solution for you.

Is there a maximum length of audio files that I can send?

No, they can be as long and as many as you want! We have both experience and capacity to work with large amounts of audio material. However, if you submit large quantities of audio material with delivery within a day, please contact us and make sure we can deliver as per your request.

How detailed are your transcriptions?

Our mission is to reproduce spoken language in writing with as much accuracy and readability as possible. We do not make editorial changes to language usage or grammar, but we remove words like “right” “ehm” and the like when they are used as filler words. We also offer Exact transcription at a slightly higher price,…

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How is my price affected by the quality of the recording?

In most cases, the sound files we get in are of good quality. In some cases, the quality is lacking. This may be due to the fact that the dictation machine has been placed too far away from the interviewee, that there is background noise or that people speak over one another. In these cases,…

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Is it difficult to upload through the intranet?

No, the intranet is designed for uploading transcriptions, providing a smooth workflow for you as a customer. If you need help, you can always contact us via chat, email or phone. For more information about the intranet, see How it works.

How do you guarantee security and privacy?

The safety of our customers’ materials is one of our most important tasks. Our intranet uses 128-bit security-class encryption, which provides high and reliable security. All employees use Norton Antivirus latest premium product. All employees are trained to handle classified material and sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). Read more about our safety work here.

How soon can I get my files transcribed?

We offer to transcribe your material within one, two, three or seven days, where slower delivery results in a lower price. As a customer, you can choose the delivery time that suits you best without paying too much.