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Become a part of our team

Transkriber is a growing company. We are always interested in connecting to motivated, skilled and competent people. As an employee of Transkriber, you start with a six-month probationary appointment. If both parties are satisfied and want to continue, the employment will be transferred to a permanent employment, where employee and employer will jointly agree on working hours and amount of work.

As an employee, you will mark when and how much you want to work. On average, you should be able to work 15 hours a week, which can vary during the year.

At the moment we are only looking for people fluent in speech and in writing in both Swedish and Norwegian.


What is transcribing really about?

Transcribing involves translating spoken language into written language. In other words, we write down what people say. Often, interviews are to be saved in written format for post work analysis. To be a good transcriber, you need to type quickly and accurately, and listen carefully. A challenge is to include everything that is said and not to exclude words.


Becoming a part of Transkriber fits you well if you:

■ Want to be able to control when to work? You mark the times you want to work. Does something unpredictable occur when you have put your name down to work? No problem, we will solve it.
■ Want to control where you work? From home, from abroad while on vacation, from a mountain cabin – you choose where you do your job as long as it is done according to our confidentiality standards.
■ Do not have a too scheduled life, but can be flexible depending on the amount of work available.
■ Want an interesting extra or part-time job over a long period of time.
■ Are goal oriented, driven and willing to work!
■ Want an employer who cares about your well-being and your personal development.


Our expectations for you as a co-worker:

■ You are fluent in speech and in writing in both Swedish and Norwegian.
■ You can work at least 15 hours a week on average.
■ You are a fast typist and careful or want to learn how to be.
■ You have good knowledge of the language you wish to transcribe in.
■ You are working towards or already have a relevant qualification for the task.
■ You take full responsibility for your work and for your commitments.
■ You have or want to set clear goals for your professional life.

We value applicants who have good knowledge in more than one language of Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish. We provide you with all the equipment and software, excluding computer, you need to carry out your work.

Does this sound interesting? Send your application and resume to peter@transkriber.no and we will get back to you!